Book Review: A Look At The Book – Thai Love Talk By Kaewmala

I have always been fond of quotes, metaphors and euphemisms and also fond of learning the Thai language. Combining the two gives me a great deal of pleasure, but I have found it difficult to obtain a good book in order to do this. I mean a book that really gave me good cultural insights. Finally though I found all that and a lot more in the book ‘’ Love Talk: In Search of Love and Romance.”

I recently highlighted excerpts of the book in two different posts.

A reminder of part one

A reminder of part two

”Thai Love Talk – In search of Love and Romance” by Kaewmala

Kindle Edition

Thai Love Talk : In Search of Love and Romance by [Kaewmala]

It’s just worth mentioning the book is called ”Love talk” in the kindle edition, but is called ”Sex talk” in the paperback edition.

In my opinion Thai language is a very beautiful, interesting and at times an extremely entertaining language. I find this is certainly very apparent when associated with the colorful subject of love and romance.

The author takes you in to the world of love and romance within Thai culture, covering over 900 words and phrases. You certainly would not give it the description of a ‘’ how to’’ book or even a guide-book. It’s more of a wonderful insight that you would be extremely hard pressed to know about without the aid of this book – a look from the inside as it were.

It’s all about selecting the correct phrase for your needs and the book wastes no time in delving in to some terrific phrases, starting with a visit to the Thai love jungle.

The Thai Sexual Jungle

You will learn about some of the characters that live within the Thai love jungle. The chapter is full of animal metaphors like a ‘’ dog barking at an airplane ‘’ and a ‘’ rabbit aiming for the moon.’’ These signify that perhaps you may have to lower your standards in your partner pursuit or waste your energy. Then there’s ‘’ the lucky mouse falling into a rice bin,’’  this character’s standards are not set anywhere near so high, but luck tends to follow him around and he ends up with a rich woman.

The Battle between Love and Lust

It’s difficult to work out sometimes, but is it love or is it lust. Whichever it is, the one thing most are agreed on is that it all begins with sexual attraction. This chapter guides you through the falling in love stages, the falling in lust stages and the in between parts. You could be love-struck, infatuated or just plain turned on. Whatever it may be, you will find the phrase for it in this chapter.

Looking for love

Looking for love details the personalities without love that are looking for love. There are a few characters out there and the author gives a thorough run down on all the runners and riders. ‘’ Single but not fresh, ‘’ is a phrase applied to someone having been married a couple of times or more and are now back on the circuit. Then there’s the lucky one’s, ‘’ Pretty and loaded ‘’ –  not only are they handsome or beautiful, but they are loaded with money as well. Don’t forget ‘’ the playboy ‘’– beware danger, a regular ladies man.

The Art of Flirting

Flirting within Thai culture has in the most part been carried out by the men. You will find some of the more common flirting terms, but there are some real colorful flirting phrases in this chapter. Find out what the full explanation is of ‘’ Selling / tossing around flirty cakes.’’ What about ‘’ being dancing – fish excited,’’ well this phrase is a warning to a woman of not to become too excited in the company of a hunk as it were. A lady is supposed to be able to control her excitement and not bounce around like a dancing fish. The term ‘’ being a golden flower ‘’ sounds good, but in actual fact is rather insulting to a woman.

Traditional Courtship Rituals

Traditional courtship rituals may in the main be a thing of the past, but there are still certain ways a couple are supposed to act. In fact for a man, acting in the proper manner and meeting the lady’s family are essential. This is apparent in the phrase of ‘’ Enter through the proper alleyway, exit through the door. ‘’ If the parents tend to favour a particular suitor, but the son or daughter are not so keen, then the parents should take a back seat. To try to force the issue would be known as to ‘’ Force the cow by the horns to eat grass.’’

Modern Courtship and Dating

Traditional courtship rituals have given way to more modern courtship / dating terms and phrases. Now, you can fill in the detail…. want to know what being ‘’ just friends, more than friends’’ means or what is the meaning of the idiom – ‘’ before the pot becomes black.’’ The phrase of ‘’ Arriving mornings and evenings’’ describes a persistent suitor and you can probably guess the phrase meaning of ‘’ Sending out the invitation cards.’’

Lovers and Bedmates

In this chapter be prepared to find out whether you are the real thing or a play thing as the author guides you around the vocabulary of love and romance in these categories. The beauty of the Thai language comes in to its own here as you learn so many wonderful expressions.

You will find out what ‘’ Love over the skyline ‘’ means and how to say it in Thai. The meaning in Thai of ‘’ Secret lover ‘’ and why for a woman you wouldn’t really want to be a ‘’ Flower by the roadside, a pass-through.’’ Further more, find out if you are a ‘’ Plaything or a dead-thing ‘’ according to the explanation of the author.

In the Eye of the (Thai) Beholder

It’s a well documented phrase that ‘’ beauty lies in the eye of the beholder ‘’ as what’s beauty to one is different to what’s beautiful to another. However, you can be sure there are some common traits among cultures, like the obsession with white skin to the Thais

Find the usual phrases like for being beautiful, good-looking, good personality and shapely, but then dive into some real gems. How about ‘’ Chili – carrying crow,’’ what can that mean? What about ‘’ Black ‘’ as charcoal, charred stump, chrysalis, etc ‘’ and ‘’ first rate gorgeous.’’

Sexy (or not) Thai style

In this chapter the author looks at what the Thais find sexy in a woman and a man. Once again an inside view to use to your advantage with the knowledge gained. There are a few phrases that give absolutely no doubt, such as ‘’ Sizzling hot and flammable,’’ ‘’ appetizingly, crushingly sexy ‘’ and ‘’Muscular, robust.’’

But, what about ‘’ Beef, milk and eggs’’ a term given to a lady with a full figure or ‘’ Lotus buds & young melons underneath the leaves.’’ Not so nice for the male is ‘’ Stocky like a jointless tamarind or the not so nice for the lady of ‘’ Plum …. like an elephant’s daughter.’’

This is just a mere snippet of the many proverbs and idioms from the book.

The book really is an insightful education in to the Thai world of love and romance through the ages and up to modern – day times.

For those with an added interest in Thai culture and Thai language it’s an absolute must.




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