Now and again whilst reading you’ll come across material that you just need to make a note of. A passage of breathtaking writing that moved you, an inspiring quote or perhaps even something very significant that could be applied to your own life. I find that capturing these magical nuggets of information are essential.

I find that how to capture them is often the problem. I’ve underlined the book sentences in pencil, I’ve written quotes into journals  and I’ve developed quality time consuming A-Z card systems. I’ve finally decided to house the important stuff here. I call the ” important stuff ” the material that has meaning for me. This is of course slightly selfish, but I’ve decided to take the route that gives me the feel good factor. It would though be a win-win situation, if you found interest in some of the material as well.

The site in time to come will be home to lots of quotes from east and west, both from the worlds of fiction and non-fiction. There will also be a few book reviews on books that I’ve read and recommend.